• 01 Group Stage

    02 Followed by FINAL GROUP

    03 Top 2 Teams from Group Progress to FINAL GROUP

  • win = 3points

    Draw = 1point

    Goal = 1point


  • 8 – 10 Minute Games – No Half Time

  • 1 Minute Drink Break



No player aside from the goalkeeper is allowed into their goalie area (D BOX). If a defender enters the area to block a goal or shot, a penalty is awarded. If an attacker enters the area to attempt to score it will simply be goalies ball or advantage played. If a goalie handles outside the area the result is a penalty.

The Goalkeeper

The goalie can only roll out or pass out along the ground.


Passbacks during normal play are allowed, however:
If a goalkeeper is in possession and passes to a defender who then passes back to the keeper immediately, this is seen as time wasting and possession will switch to the other team in the form of an indirect free kick from the edge.


Each Goal Scored equals a Point.

Group Stage

If teams are level on points at the full time point of the final game. A Penalty Shootout will decide the outcome of the final group standings.

Other rules

  • 01

    – You may shoot from kick off.
    – There are no out of bounds within cages.
    – Overhead height in normal play is allowed, only the goalkeeper cannot go this high.

  • 02

    Please ensure appropriate footwear and protection is worn during games for your safety and others.

  • 03

    During the game the team can roll on their substitutes. Each team are allowed a Maximum of 3 Substitutes and must signal to the referee before making a substitute.

  • 04

    The referee has the right to ‘SIN BIN’ a player for dangerous play and violent conduct. It would be the referee’s call to as to whether to ban a player for 1 Match or more.